One hundred pieces of 1/1 original hand-crafted digital art inspired by the Ekos Genesis Art Collection. The art portraits are curated close-ups, individually re-colored with signatures by acclaimed artists Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald.

Ekos Art Portrait Draft Rules

  • Draft selection will begin on Tuesday, October 17th.
  • Each deposit of 10 ETH grants you 1 Ekos Art Portrait; therefore, the number of selections you’re entitled to is determined by how many multiples of 10 ETH were deposited. For example, if you deposited 30 ETH, you will be able to select 3 Ekos Art Portraits. Each participant’s specific number of allocated draft picks is also indicated on the draft schedule.
  • Selection order is determined by the order in which each 10 ETH deposit was received. Please see the schedule for your specific selection day. If you used multiple wallets, please check for each wallet’s selection day on the draft schedule, since they might be different days.
  • Each participant will have 24 hours, beginning at 12:01am Pacific Time, to complete their draft picks.
  • You are only guaranteed your art selection once you've successfully submitted your choice.
  • If you miss your selection day, your Ekos Portrait(s) will be randomly allocated to you from the remaining pool of portraits that’s available on your selection day.
  • In order to make your selections on your designated day, please connect your wallet on this site (the wallet connect button will be live on October 16th). Please note, you must connect the same wallet(s) that you used to make your early deposit.
  • Make sure you are only connecting your wallet information on
  • You can see the Official Ekos Genesis Art Portraits Collection on OpenSea and other marketplaces.
  • After your selection is submitted, Ekos Art Portraits will be manually delivered to your wallet within 24-48 hours.